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This is my family's Neapolitan version of our delicious home made Lasagna. Enjoy! - Hedy Link to my cookbook "Mangia, It's Good For You!": http://hedysplace.com/index.php/cookbook/ Visit my blog: http://hedysplace.com/index.php/blog/ How to Make Lasagna Recipe: 1 pounds lasagna noodles (store bought or homemade) 2 pounds ricotta 1 pound shredded mozzarella 1 cup of grated Italian cheese 9 meatballs 6 sausage links (optional) Sunday Sauce Salt to taste for pasta water Splash of oil for pasta water Place noodles in boiling salted water. Undercook the noodles as they will cook further when the lasagna bakes. In approximately a 9” x 12” x 3” deep pan, place one ladle of sauce on the bottom of pan spreading evenly. Lay out noodles to cover bottom of pan. Place layer of ricotta over noodles. Sprinkle a couple of handfuls of mozzarella cheese over ricotta. Sprinkle grated Italian cheese over mozzarella. Break up three meatballs distributing evenly over cheeses. Do the same with two links of sausage if you are including sausage in the recipe. Ladle sauce over everything and then add another layer of noodles. Do not put too much sauce between the layers. Repeat the procedure using all ingredients until you end with a layer of noodles. Ladle sauce on top of noodles. Cover with aluminum foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 60 minutes. If refrigerated, allow lasagna to reach room temperature or add 15-30 minutes to baking time. This will serve 8 to 10 people, depending on the size of the serving. ‪Music Credit: VOLARE Cover Performance By RichardBe Originally Recorded By Dean Martin.mp4‬‬. Channel - RichardBe Sings https://youtu.be/ObamcWx5WaY https://www.youtube.com/user/STRUMMERBOY1975 Thanks for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe.