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Comment from BRIGHT SIDE:

Thousands of years ago great minds managed to create incredible technologies that were way ahead of their time, like a fire that couldn't be extinguished by ...
1 Hours ago

Comment from I Am Incorrigible:

All Out Politics 27 July 2018 IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the next few weeks the volume of uploads to all of my channels will reduce substantially. I have edited ...
1 Hours ago

Comment from Terro Don Ent:

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Comment from Viralist:

Hilarious Father & Son Comics That Perfectly Explain Parenting Chris Grady is the wonderful cartoon artist behind the Lunarbaboon comic series, which ...
5 Hours ago

Comment from TruCar India:

Click here for Fastest and Cheapest Car loan Offers Honda Amaze 2018 Review. Is it better than Maruti DZIRE?
14 Hours ago

Comment from Mogamu:

Warframe is getting a new login system, but its not that simple... -- Watch Live & Support the channel @ -- ...
20 Hours ago

Comment from Talltanic:

Don't get us wrong. Science has told us a lot of things we wouldn't be where we are without people learning about technology, biology, astronomy, ...
1 Days ago

Comment from Name Explain:

PRE-ORDER NOW! Amazon US: Amazon UK: "What is something that literally everything in existence ...
1 Days ago

Comment from Tableau Software:

We talked to kids about data, and their answers will surprise you--and maybe even make you think. Priceless wisdom meets wild imagination in our fun new ...
3 Days ago

Comment from The Atheist Experience:

The Atheist Experience episode 22.32 for August 12, 2018, with Matt Dillahunty and Jen Peeples. Call the show on Sundays 4:00-6:00pm CDT: 1-512-686-0279 ...
3 Days ago
Meet Tim Scott. He's the ONLY Republican sponsoring a new anti-lynching bill. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this. We need your help to keep ...
4 Days ago

Comment from MitchellReacts:

Annie LeBlanc Vs Mackenzie Ziegler both 14 years old MY MERCH Previous Vid ...
6 Days ago

Comment from Mearacle:

can someone explain this | kenzie vs annie MY MAKEUP ROUTINE: I SHAVED MY HEAD!!
7 Days ago

Comment from Nerdist:

Avengers Infinity War gets its digital release and with it more details including what was really going on with the Hulk! Jessica has the details on today's Nerdist ...
17 Days ago

Comment from Kidd Keo:

Let me explain Freestyle #LAPURGADEKEOLAND prod. by JuloGetTheRacks @shotbyPlush DBT CORP KEO CORP Spoty: ...
22 Days ago

Comment from Perfect Life:

The past was terrifying. These creepy photos sent a shiver down my spine. Fear is an emotion induced by a threat perceived by living entities, which causes a ...
27 Days ago

Comment from Planet Dolan:

What body of water has its own underwater Stonehenge? How is the world's largest waterfall… UNDERWATER? We'll answer those questions and a few more ...
28 Days ago

Comment from secureteam10:

For as little as 1$ monthly, become a Patron & support our strange little channel: Jersey UFO vid: ...
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Comment from Let Me Explain Studios:

So one time when I was a kid, I stole my mom's credit card to buy an N64 and Pokemon Snap. Adam's Channel: ...
43 Days ago

Comment from LoeyLane:

OPEN ME FOR ALL OF THE THINGS! Watch Hailey's video here... MY BOOK IS OUT! Order my novel, Haunted in Hollywood, ...
45 Days ago

Comment from TOP 10 INFORMATION - TTI:

10 Ancient Inventions that Science Can not Explain ...
70 Days ago

Comment from Dũng Senpai:

Áo Dũng Senpai: (chỉ từ 4/6 đến 11/6) YÊU MỌI NGƯỜI RẤT NHIỀU (○´ω`○) Dũng Senpai Fanpage ▻ Dũng ...
74 Days ago

Comment from Top 10s:

Top 10 THINGS SCIENCE CAN'T EXPLAIN Subscribe to Top 10s ▻ Description: Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 THINGS ...
74 Days ago

Comment from Dear Dereck:

OG Video = #TroomTroomAreYouOkay.
75 Days ago

Comment from Top 5s Finest:

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Comment from Your Youniverse:

The hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation consciousness and oneness These are the hidden teachings which Jesus spoke and Didymus ...
147 Days ago

Comment from AntonioFly:

AntonioFly - Explain Prod. By AntonioFly SoundCloud Link : Social Media : ...
148 Days ago

Comment from Eskify:

Some of our planet's most mysterious places seem to defy the laws of science. Here are some of such. ▻ ...
165 Days ago

Comment from Marko Andruss:

Urban Dictionary defines women's logic as "The un-logical decision, that eaither is a contridiction to the original decision or dosent make sense. But then, what is ...
169 Days ago

Comment from TORUL Videokanal:

Released: 2.2.2018 ORDER HERE: VIDEO CREDITS: Director ...
198 Days ago

Comment from Nexus:

Top 10 SCARIEST Cursed Objects Scientists Still Can't Explain! Last video: Follow us on Twitter to be ...
224 Days ago

Comment from FunnyPig:

Pictures That Explain Why We Have Trust Issues When you type in the word "trust" in Google search, the first thing Google suggests is "trust issues." Now why ...
266 Days ago

Comment from Markiplier:

DONATE HERE ▻ We are giving away EXCLUSIVE shirts and Skyping ...
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Comment from Motivation Madness:

The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS. Definitely a must watch! Keep in mind, college is a viable option for many. The people ...
311 Days ago

Comment from TheThings:

Try out ThePremium Network for free Subscribe: ...
1 Years ago

Comment from #Mind Warehouse:

TechZone ▻ When we want to find out the answer to an interesting question we usually ask ...
1 Years ago

Comment from Cut:

SUBSCRIBE: Watch more Parents Explain: About ...
1 Years ago

Comment from BrysonTillerVEVO:

Bryson Tiller's "Let Me Explain" available everywhere. Get it now! Apple Music: Stream on Spotify: ...
1 Years ago

Comment from Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Instead of adults teaching kids about sex, Jimmy thinks it would be much less embarrassing if kids learned it from their peers. So we went out on the street and ...
1 Years ago

Comment from Nikki Blackketter:

Shop Gymshark Women here: ➢ Ghost Lifestyle - - "NIKKIB" as your 20% off discount code ➢ Umoro Shakers ...
1 Years ago

Comment from WhatCulture:

Filling in the gaps the directors later decided to make ambiguous. For more awesome content, check out: Follow us on Facebook at: ...
2 Years ago

Comment from Casually Explained:

If you're looking for the answers to life's questions and Wikipedia was under scheduled maintenance, look no further, Casually Explained is here to help.
2 Years ago

Comment from Name Explain:

Welcome to Name Explain! On this channel I explore the origins of the names of places, people and anything in between. I am in no way a professional ...
2 Years ago

Comment from Let Me Explain Studios:

The creative brain drippings of animator and all around awkward dork, Rebecca Parham!
More Than 2 Years ago

Comment from Kristan van den Brink:

Kevin Hart latest movie on tour. Let me explain.Long version of guy code.
More Than 2 Years ago

Comment from thestrokesVEVO:

The Strokes' official music video for 'Hard To Explain'. Click to listen to The Strokes on Spotify: As featured on Is This ...
More Than 2 Years ago