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Comment from Huz en Vrac:

Hey, j'en avais parlé voici enfin le premier stuff à très petit prix Je vous explique pourquoi le choix des items et surtout comment réduire le prix de la panoplie.
1 Hours ago

Comment from Ash Montage:

Umarım beğenmişsinizdir ヅ Destek olmak için videoyu beğenebilir & kanalıma abone olabilirseniz çok sevinirim , şimdiden teşekkürler (✿◠‿◠) Daha fazlası ...
10 Hours ago

Comment from gary larrabee: TRANSCRIBED BY PINKROSES (Thank you, PinkRoses. ~ Dinar ...
13 Hours ago

Comment from Amazing Polly:

Tips & Encouragement: THANKS! What is the Keystone? Is it the SES, the Military OP named KEYSTONE in WW2? In this vid I ...
15 Hours ago

Comment from CareyHolzman:

Watch me build this Intel NUC over 5 years ago here: Grab a 960GB solid state drive for only $127 ...
16 Hours ago

Comment from Anonymous EXPOSED:

Anonymous EXPOSED - Russian Intel Chief... Cell That Was Running CIA And FBI | Anonymous EXPOSED Read More/Source/Credit(FAIR USE): ...
20 Hours ago

Comment from Jefferson Meneses:

A Intel mandou uma Caixa Misteriosa com um PC Gamer completo pra gente montar, então acompanha comigo a montagem do meu primeiro PC Gamer!
22 Hours ago

Comment from Paraparapu Media:

இந்தத் தொடரின் அனைத்துப் பாகங்களையும் பார்ப்பதற்கான லிங்க் -
1 Days ago

Comment from Proto HW & Tec:

Lee todo lo que esta aquí abajo! Encuentra nuestras computadoras LEGA de venta Aqui: Nosotros armamos y vendemos computadoras ...
1 Days ago

Comment from Duterte News Stream Live:

Duterte News Stream is a YOUTUBE Channel dedicated to Support the Duterte Administration in all of it's plans and agendas for the entire nation of the ...
2 Days ago

Comment from Hardware 360º:

Canal de telegram @TodoHardware: Esta semana hablaremos de la 9º generación de procesadores intel; i5 9600K, i7 9700K e i9 ...
2 Days ago

Comment from RedGamingTech:

Intel's 9th generation of processors are rumored to launch early october, along with the z390 motherboards - which are essentially a refresh of the Z370. We will ...
2 Days ago

Comment from Gamer Meld:

Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX breaks a world record and AMD is doing great! Stay tuned... **T-SHIRT (25% OFF)** ...
6 Days ago

Comment from Intel:

Preserving the Great Wall of China restores this historic monument to its former glory. With Intel AI and Drones reconstruction is faster and more effective.
8 Days ago

Comment from Lucid Dreamer:

Support Thomas on Patreon: Support my work on Patreon: Source: ...
10 Days ago

Comment from Gamers Nexus:

This hardware news episode talks Intel 10nm release dates, solder for future Intel CPUs, AMD's best quarter in 7 years, and Samsung's GPU rumors. Ad: Buy the ...
18 Days ago
Jul.26 -- Leigh Drogen, Estimize Inc. chief executive officer, and Bloomberg Intelligence's Anand Srinivasan discuss Intel Corp.'s bullish sales forecast and the ...
19 Days ago

Comment from Intel:

To celebrate Intel's 50th anniversary, our drone team is breaking a world record. This time, we are flying thousands of Shooting Star™ drones to create the ...
22 Days ago

Comment from CNBC:

In the early morning on Sunday, July 15, 2018 Intel broke the Guinness World Record for simultaneously flying the most unmanned aerial vehicles with more ...
28 Days ago

Comment from TecMundo:

Tem empresa de aniversário redondo agora em julho de 2018! É a Intel, que tá completando nada menos que 50 anos, e já tá mais do que na hora de contar a ...
29 Days ago

Comment from x-kom:

Zestaw Intel: ⬅ ➡ Zestaw AMD: ⬅ Jaki procesor wybrać? Jaką kartę graficzną? AMD czy NVIDIA?
33 Days ago

Comment from Berita Update:

Berdasarkan konfirmasi dari kepolisian, kejadian yang sebenarnya bukan begal melainkan polisi berpakaian preman ( Reskrim ) hendak mengamankan dua ...
48 Days ago

Comment from Tech Tators:

Evolution of Intel Processors Intel microprocessors are among the most commonly used processors worldwide. They are well-known for their advanced chip ...
52 Days ago

Comment from Bloomberg Technology:

Jun.21 -- Romit Shah, Nomura Instinet senior analyst, and Bloomberg's Ian King discuss the ouster of Brian Krzanich as chief executive officer of Intel Corp.
54 Days ago

Comment from Islam Peace 212:

Video ini diambil saat Gus Nur membela warga karena masjid mereka mau digusur oleh pengembang.Gus Nur dalam sebuah acara pengajiannya, mensinyalir ...
57 Days ago

Comment from UFD Tech:

What do you think of Intel's fall from grace? Are you still rooting for the company? • Ars Technica History of AMD: • Come chat with us on ...
61 Days ago

Comment from Techquickie:

Squarespace link: Visit and use offer code TECHQUICKIE to save 10% off your first order. Intel has long been the dominant ...
67 Days ago

Comment from Intel:

Forty years ago, Intel's x86 architecture and the 8086 processor revolutionized computing. Just ask Linus Sebastian, Anne Munition, Nabil "Aiekilu" Lahrech, and ...
68 Days ago

Comment from Linus Tech Tips:

Thanks to Lastpass for sponsoring this video! Start securing your passwords today at Enter the 8086K Sweespstakes: ...
69 Days ago

Comment from Gamers Nexus:

We talk about Intel's 28-core, 5GHz CPU unveil at Computex, which we found disingenuous and misleading. Ad: Thermaltake View 37 on Amazon ...
69 Days ago

Comment from Engadget:

Here at Computex 2018, Intel showed off everything from a 28-core processor, to an AI-powered rock band. Oh, and NBA star Jeremy dropped in to talk a bit ...
71 Days ago

Comment from Linus Tech Tips:

Check out the Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset for $119.99 USD on Massdrop at Buy CORSAIR's Dark Core SE ...
92 Days ago

Comment from EmprendeAprendiendo:

Intel es una empresa mundialmente conocida por sus chips y procesadores, pero ¿conocías su historia empresarial? En este vídeo analizamos las estrategias ...
108 Days ago

Comment from HardwareCanucks:

Dmitry's Ryzen productivity system has started to have some performance issues so he decided to give Intel's Coffee Lake a try to see if it improves efficiency.
108 Days ago

Comment from Intel:

Part of the new lineup of high-performance mobile products unveiled, the powerful 8th Gen Intel Core i9 processor is the highest-performance laptop processor ...
132 Days ago

Comment from HardwareCanucks:

Intel is expanding their Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake R lineups with a TON of new processors! Among those is a 12 thread i9 CPU for gaming notebooks, new ...
134 Days ago

Comment from The Verge:

Intel's Vaunt smart glasses won't make you look like a Glasshole. Dieter Bohn got an exclusive look at Intel's latest gadget. By shining a low-powered laser into ...
191 Days ago

Comment from The Verge:

At CES 2018, Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich addressed the biggest issue Intel faces today: the security and speed issues surrounding Meltdown and Spectre.
218 Days ago

Comment from Ari Muntaha:

semoga bermanfaat untuk generasi penerus bangsa kita,agar supaya tidak seperti ini.. hidup sehat dan berfikir jernih ! Pemuda Sudah Jadi TO sejak lama ...
274 Days ago

Comment from Linus Tech Tips:

It's Intel's turn to disrupt the mainstream market with SIX CORE Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs... But can they disrupt like Ryzen? Thanks to our sponsor Dollar Shave ...
314 Days ago

Comment from Berita Update:

Untuk menangkap penjahat Intel memang harus melakukan penyamaran , tapi tak selamanya penyamaran Intel berhasil. Sempat menyamar jadi tukang parkir ...
326 Days ago

Comment from Intel Newsroom:

D1X is a new extension of Intel Corporation's D1D factory on Intel's Ronler Acres campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. D1D/D1X is where the company designs and ...
364 Days ago

Comment from Indo Trend:

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1 Years ago

Comment from FrenchToast Philip:

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2 Years ago

Comment from TinJon:

Intel commercials from past to present. All commercials are from Intel. All rights reserved. (C) Intel.
More Than 2 Years ago

Comment from CSsupportingvideos:

I do not own the copyright of this video and audio. It has nonprofit educational purposes as supporting content of Crowd Studio's blog ...
More Than 2 Years ago

Comment from Flake Songs:

Here's a lot of Intel animations, arranged by date. There are three of them that are fake (the first 2 ones and the first Pentium D animation), however the rest are ...
More Than 2 Years ago

Comment from Intel:

This video shows the process of how computer chips are made using Intel's world leading 22nm manufacturing technology with 3D transistors. It starts with ...
More Than 2 Years ago

Comment from Intel:

Welcome to Channel Intel, the official home of Intel on YouTube. Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to ...
More Than 2 Years ago