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It's HOT but this tip can help you beat the heat. I forge for hours in front of a 3k degree coal forge and never skip a beat! Get your NEWAIR MISTING FAN here!
2 Days ago
We share with you some of the ways we stay cool in the summer living off grid. RESOURCES: Guildbrook Farm Tees: ENO DoubleNest ...
4 Days ago

Comment from BRIGHT SIDE:

How to Survive the Summer Heat without an AC. How can you survive when the temperature outside gets up to 100°F and you have no air conditioner at home?
10 Days ago

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11 Days ago

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Beat the heat without breaking the wallet.
17 Days ago

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Special thanks to my Patreon supporters! Special producers for this video: Ansley F, Maria E, Michael H VIDEO ...
26 Days ago

Comment from IntermountainMoms:

Now that we're having really hot weather in the summer, it's torturous enough to not be pregnant, and if you are pregnant, then it's got to be unbearable to be out ...
27 Days ago

Comment from makjosher:

Summer is here and I'm always looking to keep cool without air conditioning. I review the NewAir AF-600 misting fan. This is the best fan I have. It is powerful ...
30 Days ago

Comment from Intentful Spaces:

In this video I show you how we beat the heat. Living in Phoenix, AZ we know a lot about keeping cool outside in the summer. Here are my top 10 How to Keep ...
31 Days ago

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38 Days ago
How to Keep Your Cat Cool in Summer! 5 Tips on Keeping Your Cat Cool in the Summer Heat! - Summer is the time of year everybody looks forward to, ...
62 Days ago

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Comment from Crafty Hackers:

The most amazing life hacks tips and tricks for the hot summer. How to stay cool in the heat, make delicious summer snacks and recipes. DIY summer hacks ...
94 Days ago

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In this episode of The Bush Bee Man, Mark explains how bees create Evaporative Air Conditioning to stay cool. If you would like to buy some honey check out: ...
228 Days ago

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Here is what you'll need! 5 Ways To Stay Cool In The Summer Water Balloon Pump SUPPLIES 1 shampoo pump bottle Water balloons INSTRUCTIONS 1.
1 Years ago

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Comment from Stay Interested:

Are you hot or can't sleep because it's too warm? In this video I show a few simple ways to cool off in the summer heat. Ways to stay cool without an ac! If you are ...
1 Years ago

Comment from The Style O.G.:

How To Stay Cool Wearing A Suit In The Summer. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses several tips on how a man can stay cool while wearing a suit ...
1 Years ago

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MeUndies 20% Discount: Big thanks to MeUndies for supporting The Modest Man by sponsoring this video! I'm no stranger ...
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Get a free 30-day trial today by signing up at Hey guys! In today's video, I am showing you guys some summer life hacks and DIYs ...
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Get The Invisible Undershirt from for the best men's undershirts to keep you cool and stylish this summer. Be sure to use ...
1 Years ago

Comment from All About Life:

Risks of getting too hot in warm weather include dehydration, and a variety of heat-related illnesses. Keeping your body cool will also help your mood calm too.
1 Years ago

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1 Years ago
Living in a Class C RV or any Motor Home, Travel Trailer, or Fifth Wheel can be very different then a house. Especially in the summer heat. Keep the heat out of ...
1 Years ago

Comment from His and Hers VLOGS:

Today we are sharing tips and tricks for RVing in the hot summer weather. We are RV boondocking right on a lake at Senator Wash North and this is a great ...
1 Years ago

Comment from Patrick's Bushcraft🌵:

Here's a couple of survival tips/techniques on how to survive and stay cool in extreme heat/hot weather/summer heatwaves and a unique piece of gear I use for ...
1 Years ago

Comment from Household Hacker:

Want to keep cool in the summer heat? Here are 10 simple and easy tips to cool down for little to no money! Get cool on the cheap! From strawberry ice cubes to ...
1 Years ago

Comment from makjosher:

Keep cool without air conditioning this summer and save money at the same time. Will a homemade AC unit work to beat the summer heat and can frozen ...
1 Years ago

Comment from The List Show TV:

It's easy to cool off during the day, but it's a different story at night when you're trying to catch some ZZZ's. Don't sweat it, Brian Corsetti has five tips to help you ...
2 Years ago

Comment from Urban Beardsman:

The coolest blog ever: Want to beat the heat this ...
2 Years ago

Comment from Element Van Life: Hey everyone! I'm Nate. I live the van life full time out of a custom Honda Element camper conversion. In this video I discuss how I ...
2 Years ago

Comment from RazingHel:

In this video I share my favorite ways of staying cool during the summer season in Don't Starve. More Don't Starve Tips: 5 Ways To Kill Deerclops ...
2 Years ago

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Comment from Ramesh Shanmugam:

The tip what I have shared worked well for me...I thought it might be useful to others too...especially for those who want to keep their room cool during summer ...
2 Years ago

Comment from BizInterests: | While most people enjoy the warmer weather, not everyone can cope well in high temperatures. Too much fun in the sun ...
2 Years ago

Comment from BecauseiVan:

Just some tips on how to stay cool in hot weather when you're living the minimalist van life. ...
2 Years ago

Comment from Chris & Eve:

A short video of a great way to keep your kitties cool this summer! Sorry we haven't uploaded a video in a while, summer is our peak time for our jobs with both of ...
2 Years ago

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2 Years ago

Comment from RV Education 101®:

In this RV how-to video made for KOA, host Mark Polk with RV Education 101 offers some tips and tricks on how to stay cool in your RV this summer. Visit the ...
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Comment from DemiLovatoVEVO:

Demi's album CONFIDENT available now! Amazon Google Play Stream ...
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Comment from Louie The Beagle:

Top 10 Tips : How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer. The best ways to keep your dog cool and healty during warm weather. We all love our furry friends ...
More Than 2 Years ago

Comment from BLACKIE THOMAS:

A NEW to stay cool in the summer heat..i hope to offer some tips and tricks you may not have thought of before..thanks for journeys.
More Than 2 Years ago

Comment from Arizona Humane Society:

This clip features a variety of fun, unique ways to keep your dogs cool in this summer heat.
More Than 2 Years ago

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Comment from Gone with the Wynns:

See more details: For us, there's no better place than Burning Man for a little ...
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Comment from Like A Boss:

Creative way to stay cool during a hot summer with materials you can get from ANY hard where store. Fun do it yourself project.
More Than 2 Years ago

Comment from KFDM YouTube:

Thanks to the luxury of air conditioning many people are able to seek relief from the summer heat. However, some people work outside and KFDM reporter ...
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